Lola Luna G Strings, Fine Lingerie For A Woman Sure Of Herself

Lola Luna is the manufacturer of erotic lingerie and the finest ever want to own. With 20 years experience in underwear, which came to perfection by providing women with an experience of luxury lingerie. Lola Luna G strings, made in France, are garments, like bits of lace and tulle combine art with precious stones and charms of closures.

sexy lingerie
Check one of the collections, and need to add more pieces to your collection. When you buy Lola Luna thong is entering a world of sensual pleasures. These are not everyday thongs, this is by candlelight and romance, silk sheets and a pleasure. Imagine being a pale pink satin dress, slowly slipping from her shoulders to reveal bare torso wearing only a string Lola Luna Open g White lace embroidered sheer tulle is a panel and then open the branch was a small, removable charm. Matching small triangle on the back of the lace at the bottom right of the spine.

This individual would be a perfect complement to wedding lingerie collection. Add Lola Luna Handcuffs-Algés, cuffs with lace and blue ribbon tied with a string attached precious stones to an immersive experience.

Our range of belts Lola Luna Micro channel includes different colors and style. We conduct open and closed loops, some with very sophisticated embroidery. Bold black lace woven pure pale delicacies, or combinations of black and pink or red and black combinations are wonderful.

You can vary the look to suit your mood so you need more than one pair. Rope thongs are scheduled to be held with straps on the high side. Visually, this will give a long-legged look, and emphasizes the hips and thighs. You can also use smaller springs a different look, or buy less. We have some models, with taffeta ribbon ties that are fun for him as well as allowing you to change the size slightly.

We added Lola Luna G Strings to our lingerie collection for two reasons. We think you sexy lingerie, and you want it to be of higher quality than some line meets these two requirements.

You are worth the indulgence. When you wear these straps you get to know and feel the difference in how they are made, and the substances they have chosen. Second, there are several ways to define erotic depending on your tastes and preferences. Some people like leather and a bold look strappier. Some women are bright, beautiful corsets that form and reveals the same time. And then there's the man in the confident woman who just wants everything to coax and tease. When you wear these chains g, you are committed to the experiment. Do not hide, no reference shy, it's very sensual. You know what you want and you know how to get it. You want nothing less than the best.


  1. Such a lingerie give a woman the confidence that she needs to feel sexy. Y back g string panties are now the main attraction for men too, and even if a classic lingerie can look sexy on a woman, it can't be compared to this one for example.

  2. That's all my wife wears


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